Photography is in my veins!

I come from a family of photographers. My grandfather was a photographer for the city of Knoxville for years. He even had a dark room that he built at his home! After his passing, I realized how much we had in common with being creative. Now I feel every photo that I produce is in honor of him.


young black male wearing jeans, a grey long sleeve shirt, and fashion stocking hat looking to his right while holding the hem of his shirt up with his left hand showing his lower abs  Erykah43Bold Anita  Checkin Baby Girl

Photography is in my veins!

Photography is also a liking of mine, because it’s an amazing creative outlet for me.

Not only can I bring a vision to life with hair and makeup, but I can articulate it myself through my lens–I can just shoot what I see in my head. I never have to speak to anyone if I don’t want.

I can just bring my idea to life myself.